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Welcome to the SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet Program developed by James A. Surrell, M.D. The current national statistics indicate that the average person in the United States consumes approximately 150 pounds of sugar each year. Yes, you really did read it right. And guess what your body does with all that sugar…

Sugar is stored as body fat!

The SOS Diet book was intentionally written to be a very short book, easy to understand and follow. It is written for the person who wants to be able to follow a very short and simple weight loss program. This proven SOS Diet will allow you to painlessly lose 5 to 8 pounds per month (60 to 80 pounds per year, or more). If needed, the SOS Diet may also allow you to reduce your blood cholesterol levels, as so many others have done.

Are you tired of counting calories, points, carbs, and semi-famous diet spokespersons? We are too! Check out the easiest lifestyle change imaginable: Dr. Surrell’s SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet! If your waistline is sending out an S.O.S (get it?), then it’s time to buy the SOS Diet book!  Now available in Paperback, Kindle and Audio Book through Amazon.  ♦ Learn More

Sugar Cholesterol Connection

The human body can do only one of two things with ingested refined sugar: it will either use it as instant energy (very unlikely, unless you went out and ran around the block 7 times after your last candy bar), or it will store it as body fat (about 99% likely). When you eat refined sugar, this promptly causes the pancreas to start working overtime to pour out insulin, which results in a dramatic increase in the insulin levels in your bloodstream.  ♦ Learn More

Always remember the ABC's of the SOS Diet

A - Avoid excess sugar!

B - Become a label reading detective!

C - Choose low sugar and high fiber!

Stop Sugar Diet

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Other Diets are Way too Complicated

American's have spent over 46,000,000 dollars on diets. That's billions with a B. Why? It's because they just don't work. People are desperate to lose weight. Well I have the solution. It's called the SOS, Stop Only Sugar Diet. It's so simple, it's just a lifestyle change. And you will, like so many 1000's of others lose 5-8 lbs per month and you will keep that weight off for life. We invite you to watch Dr. James Surrell's video to learn more.


Rule 1. Low Sugar

Rule 2. High Fiber

Rule 3. No more rules!

About the Author

James A. Surrell, M.D.

SOS Real People (Just like you) Success Stories

My cardiologist told me to start SOS Diet because my cholesterol medications did not work to lower my very high cholesterol. He got my attention and I started SOS. In just six short months, my cholesterol went from 290 to 121, and I have lost 25 pounds. Believe me, I recommend your SOS book to everyone.

I started your diet after I purchased your short and simple book about a year ago and I read it in one night. I am quite tall but I was also very overweight. To date I have lost 112 pounds and my husband has lost 30 pounds as well. I am off all medications now, and my own doctor and I are both thrilled.

I have lost 35 pounds on SOS and have gone from 200 to 165, and will soon be at my personal goal to weigh 150. Clearly, SOS is the easiest diet that I have ever tried and the only diet I have ever had success with. I had to clean out my closets because my clothes are now all too big. What fun that was!

Thank you for coming to speak at our employee meeting.  As I told you, I started the SOS diet program about a year ago, after your talk to our group. Just by following the simple SOS Diet rules of low sugar and high fiber, and reading food labels, I lost 72 pounds in one year. I am so much healthier today.